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We offer software remedies, resolution and solutions for common software problems across industries and verticals. Our quick-to-integrate products and solutions enable you to focus on delivering the business value to your customers and not bother about building common, at times complex solutions that are often needed to run your software eco-system without a glitch. Investing time and resources in solving a common problem may cost you more that what you may think.  Learn more to see what we have for you and if it is one of of your software eco-system needs.

What we do ?

Build Products That Solve Common Software Problems

Build Products For Better Infrastructure
And Resource Management

Service Discovery, Load Distribution, API Gateway, Rate Limiting, Workflow Manager and many more...

Why Reinvent The Wheel ? Integrate And Get Running In Quick Time

Performance Measurement

Measure How Your Service and APIs Are Performing

Modernisation of Legacy Software Applications

Cloud Migration and SaaS Solutions

Ideation, Software Architecture And Recommendations

Evaluate What It Takes To Revamp Your Software For A Performant, Fault-Tolerant and Scalable Solution

Why we ?

Quick and easy to integrate

Save on time and cost

Customised Solutions

Secured and threat-free solutions

Maintenance and enhancements

Pay for only commercial

Integrate and deploy on your infrastructure

Supports both on cloud and on-premises

Free commercial use for
6 months



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